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Eagle Garage Door is available 24 hours a day in Hollywood Park for anyone who needs any type of service to their garage door. Whether it's a small one-car garage at home or whether it's a large commercial loading dock, we are able to perform maintenance, repairs, installations or removals of old systems at any time -- day or night. We also offer the best value in the area with prompt service, competitive pricing, and the best technician training to ensure your job gets done right the first time. When you call Eagle Garage Door you can be certain that your garage door will be left in peak operational condition for years to come.

Ready When Needed

Eagle Garage Door Hollywood Park, TX 210-245-5658Our services are available to both residential and business customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're always available, even on major holiday weekends. Door stuck on Christmas or New Year's Eve? Call Eagle Garage Door for prompt and professional service. We know that garage door emergencies don't follow a convenient schedule, and can't necessarily wait until morning.

Don't worry about having to wait around for a week for parts to be ordered. Eagle Garage Door carries the biggest selection of garage and lift system parts in the area. Whether it's a major brand-name door system or something more customized and unusual, we'll have something in our inventory to get it up and running again. We can also help you to plan and install a new door system, upgrade an existing system, and remove an existing system.

We stay on top of the market by having the best-trained team of technicians and designers on staff, and by getting our staff to you as quickly as possible when you call. We have a target response time of under an hour for each call we receive, and that includes overnight and holiday calls. You don't have to worry about taking extreme measures to secure your property when a door malfunctions; we'll be on the scene in no time to take care of it for you.

Our Services

Eagle Garage Door provides a full range of on-call garage door services including repair, regular maintenance and assistance with lockout issues. Our technicians are trained to service a full range of garage door types and respond with a mobile workshop unit that provides them with all of the tools and parts needed to quickly handle your repair.

In addition to our emergency services, Eagle Garage Door also specializes in installing new garage doors. You can choose from our large range of stock options, or place a custom order for a door that we fabricate for you. We also carry a wide range of accessories to add to your door, from mobility options to remote entry devices to enhanced security. We offer the most robust overall range of services in the area and we always look forward to serving you.

The Professional Touch

We don't contract our work out to unqualified general laborers as some other services do. Any time that you call Eagle Garage Door, you'll get one of our own fully-trained in-house technicians at your door. Just like you, we're residents of Hollywood Park, and we value our hard-earned local reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction in the community. Every employee that represents the Eagle Garage Door name is held to our highest standards of training and professionalism. Eagle Garage Door is proud to offer the highest possible level of service in garage door repair and maintenance, and we maintain those service standards around the clock. The technician you get at three in the morning or on Thanksgiving will be just as qualified and skilled as the one you get during regular business hours.

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